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Caregivers often become frustrated, overwhelmed and exhausted. As quickly as the click of your mouse I can give you virtual consulting to ease those feelings of uncertainty. Call today for a free 15 minute consult to see if my consulting matches your need. 925-895-4881
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I listen, recommend and give you tools to thrive and enjoy your loved one.

I used my Masters in Life Transitions to help elders with the later life issues, but it became very real when I unexpectedly became a caregiver every 6 months to my 87 year old mother for 5 years, 2 years later I became a caregiver to my terminal husband. I had trusted colleagues that were able to listen and not judge my feelings of fear, exhaustion, and frustration. With over 20 years experience consulting with caregivers, I'm here to share with you not only from textbook and training, but with personal experience to help you thrive.
Donna Christner-Lile, MA, NCC
National Certified Counselor

Caregiver Issues

  • Where Do I Start
  • Family Conflict
  • Compassion Fatigue
  • When to Let Go


  • Caregiver Support Group
  • Home Safety/Arrangement
  • Review of Current Support
  • Goal/Care Plan


  • 15 min initial consult : $0
  • 1.5 Hour Online Initial Consult: $350
  • Regular 1 Hour Online Consult: $140
  • Regular.5 Hour Online Consult: $75
  • Support Group 5 sessions: $96

“Donna has worked for me for several years. I live in Tennessee and she oversees my brother in California. I call her my "Super Woman". Because she is! I can always count on Donna! She has never let me down! Truly a blessing!”

Nancy Mirrasoul

“My attorney suggested Donna to help with medical/emotional health issues. She kept all, medical/emotional issues under control. She was always compassionate, but knew how to get tough when my (incredibly stubborn) friend starting to debate merits of care. ”


“Donna has been so helpful with some of my clients who no longer have family members close by. I handle the finances, the estate attorney handles the legal, and she handles the rest.”

George W, CFP, Financial Planner
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